I am Finnish 3D/2D artist and developer currently studying XR(AR/VR) Design at Metropolia, University of Applied Sciences.

You can find games I have made on:

My Newgrounds & My Itch.io accounts.

3D Software:

- Blender
- Substance Painter
- Zbrush

2D Software:

- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Animate/Flash
- Krita

Programming languages/technologies:

-C# (Unity)
- Haxe (openFL)
- Python (pygame)
- Actionscript 3
- HTML, CSS, Jquery (this website)

Social media, other links & contact info:

LinkedIn | Twitter | Gitlab | Sketchfab Gallery | ArtStation

E-mail: contact@esahavu.com

Site last time updated 28.8.2018